Slope is an exciting sliding game that challenges your sharp reflexes. Players will get lost in the maze with magical neon lights. Gamers control a ball that moves endlessly on the roofs of high-rise buildings with many different types of terrain. You will need to avoid any structures that appear on the track to roll as far as possible. Steep slopes and acceleration segments will make the object more difficult to control. There is no other way, but you need to practice a lot to gradually improve your scores.

Slope has one main road with an almost pre-arranged route. You are only safe when moving along this route without falling into a deep hole. Color changes, blockages, and sudden tunnels can distract you. Your impressive scores will be recorded until you break that record yourself.


  • The road and its entire structure are surrounded by beautiful neon borders.
  • The color changes from section to section with accelerations and increasingly difficult terrain following the ball's journey.
  • Simple control command with the left or right arrow to navigate the main entity to either side.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse the play.
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