Pirate Block Craft Monster Shooter

Pirate Block Craft Monster Shooter

Prepare for an exciting survival shooting game that promises exhilarating and completely new encounters in Pirate Block Craft Monster Shooter. Your boat is stranded on a river where formidable monsters lurk. The once quiet river turns into a battlefield, filled with bloodthirsty creatures such as Bambam and Chuu Chuu, who persistently chase the survivors. Use your gun to destroy all those pursuing you and regain your friend's life. Don't let them attack your boat if you don't want the game to end immediately. Each time you shoot an opponent, you will receive the corresponding bonus amount. You can monitor the increasing amount of money through the yellow bar on the left-right corner of the screen. With vivid graphics and intense background music, along with an engaging storyline, Pirate Block Craft Monster Shooter takes players into a world where dangers lurk around every corner.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and keyboard to play.
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