Moto Stuntman

Moto Stuntman

Are you ready to show off your extreme motorbike driving skills and set new records on the track? Let's start the heart-pounding adventure in Moto Stuntman! Feel the thrill as you drive through challenging tracks and push your limits. You can fly into the sky or dive into the abyss; no one can predict what will happen. Don't forget to be careful and avoid colliding with obstacles that appear on the way. Perform daring stunts to prolong the time and reach the top of the leaderboard. With a great achievement, you can unlock more new cars. Are you ready to conquer all types of terrain? Are you prepared to overcome any kind of terrain?

How To Play

  • Press S key or down arrow to brake.
  • Using keys A, D or right and left arrows on the keyboard, you can rotate the motorbike and perform somersaults.
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