Geometrical Dash

Geometrical Dash

Geometrical Dash is a game that tests your expert navigation skills with the most tricky challenges. Players will have to face constant threats that are always waiting. A mistake will cause the cube to explode, and the round will end. You can be completely immersed in these fascinating roads with the desire to overcome them. In case music can help you have precise jumps, take full advantage of it. On the contrary, if background music distracts you, simply turn it off.

Some features

  • Six stunning levels: The game has six levels, from easy to difficult. Choose a round that suits you to start, take turns exploring, and conquer the whole thing.
  • New characters: Geometrical Dash has 16 skins for the cube and eight for the ships. Players unlock these features by completing rounds or accumulating points from multiple rounds of play.

How To Play

Gamers use the left-click or the spacebar to maneuver the cube. With the ship mode, continuous manipulation is necessary due to the way the object tends to continuously fall. Note that the character in Geometrical Dash has a pretty good level of flight, like in a vacuum environment. This makes the challenge of timing the jump even more difficult.

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