Among Dash

Among Dash

Among Dash is a rhythm game with adorable, familiar characters on an endless journey. You will have an adventure in the vast universe with breathtakingly beautiful images of planets and stars. Experience an unlimited route with deadly dangers. The sharp spikes, scary saw blades, deep holes, and toxic chemicals will make your feelings more thrilling than ever.

Despite being fully based on the well-known game Geometry Dash, Among Dash still has distinctive and alluring features. Players can easily see that each of your replays will bring a new journey. The design of obstacles on the map then becomes more unpredictable when you have no way of knowing the terrain in advance. Therefore, absolute timing alignment will be the most important key.

How To Play

First of all, you will play a familiar character in the game Among Us to participate in the challenge. The interesting point is that in Among Dash, your journey takes place in space, so the character's movements are also very unique. A zero-gravity jump will make the object appear to fly higher than normal. Players need to pay special attention to this point to have effective operations.

The way to control the character in the game is to continuously click the mouse (if necessary) on the screen. You will have no choice but to master this command button to be able to quickly adapt to the adventure. What you need to avoid is a series of deadly spikes, endless pits, dangerous gears, and toxic green chemicals. Your points will accumulate after each round, helping players unlock new skins for the main entity.

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